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05 65 67 <3 adam aias air airport amaya amsterdam audi autocross bar basketball beach beer bike birthday black-white blue breakfast bridge building bunny cafe car central chopo christmas cila city cleaning coffee concert cooking cynthia Deja dessert dinner dog driving dutch F250 fall family fire first flowers food gabriel garage girls grand green gwb halloween haven holland home hot hotel house ice jason jenn Jenna jersey kai kdny lauren lies limerock Liz Long lunch machiel marc marie matt melly mike mom mother movie museum mustang new niels number nyc orange park parking party paul pedro peter picture pizza plane pocono pool restaurant rick road room san sandra school sidney sila silviu snow snowboarding Spring stang State steven street sunset swimming table time times today tom top-selection torti tour train tree trip truck up us weekend will work yale yard yaro year yelena york

Aias Cynthia Lauren Marc Niels Yaro

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2006 Trip to the Netherlands 2008 Spain Visit 2009 Christmas in NL 2009 Main Trip 2009 Trip to the Netherlands 2010 Bullrun 2010 Florida Trip 2010 Kai Visit 2010 Woodstock 2011 Netherlands Trip 2012 Austin Trip 2012 Road Trip 2016 Park City 2016 Road Trip CART-CT (Autocross) Cynthia goes Salt Lake City DHT Road Trip Hawaii Trip Mexico Trip Mustang Restauration Our House Queens Day USA Road Trip

Dinner Headed back
Surfs up Nice day for the beach
Lunch Nice view
Artesian coffee Honey
Foggy morning Good morning
Games Cemetery
Serious Dinner
Lauren sleeping friends Cape cod
Beach We arrived
On our way Clean
Plane B.B. Kings club
D'oh Memphis
Cloudy day Fudge
Goat Dinner
Memphis Landed in Memphis
Manhattan skyline Manhattan skyline
NYC from the sky And in the air I go again
Hike Hike
Breakfast Cars in one piece
Suited up Good day
A good day Good morning pocono
One of the cars broke down We're ready
Getting ready for the weekend Look it up: super trooper Porsche
Cars First autox of the year
Happy birthday Kathy Pier 115
GWB Babe at GWB
Us at gwb Brilliant! Round egg
Weirdos Eclipse viewing
Eclipse Pizza
My neighbors help me remind my age Bye Chicago!
Good times We are back! 10 1/2 hours till our flight
Bb king club. #memphisjones On our way to down town
Elvis impersonator at the holiday inn Birthday shots
Flight got cancelled Plane for the ride home
Graceland Representing
Yup that sums it up... And 2 days later...
Graceland Elvis
Bikes Beale street
Pig Dinner
Dinner Dinner
Lunch New York
Plane is here Milk craft
Back for more hiking Dinner night with Marissa. Dear friend and Lauren's former Spanish teacher <3
At the car wash. Morning greeters.
Gladiatrix. This one was dedicated to all the amazingly strong women warriors out there who have battled or are battling breast cancer. Ghost buster
Darth Vader in a bra The husbands joined in on the fun.
"After the storm, Inc. is a wonderful team that inspires and supports those that have traveled and continue to travel through the journey of breast cancer. This organization has been an inspiration to many for years. This bra was dedicated to cancer survivors for their current & continued good health and happiness in the face of disaster. These cheerleaders are meant to energize and spark the fighting spirit of women who continue to confront this challenge with grace and dignity. Go team!" Really love the write ups associated with each bra!! Fabulously named "I don't think you're ready for this jelly".
The smart bra. The latest in Lucent lingerie, the smart bra constantly monitors breast health and if it detects a problem administers very early treatment. The treatment consists of the repetition of the sound of "On" at ultra high frequency for a period of 1 to 3 hours a day which has proven effective in clinical studies. If a follow up appointment with the physician is called for, the smart bra makes the appointment and sinks it with your calendar. Our church contribution. Like the 10 man, women with breast cancer already have the heart and the curry age they will need to walk the "yellow brick road" that leaves before them. They may not realize it at first but they will find faith in themselves for the journey. We of course won our auction. So much fun!
Night out with my church buds.
Earlier this week at Art Bra (After the storm's premier fundraiser). Pearls of wisdom. Things to read