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Aias Cynthia Lauren Marc Niels Yaro

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2006 Trip to the Netherlands 2007 Florida Trip 2007 Niels goes Texas 2008 Spain Visit 2009 Bullrun 2009 Christmas in NL 2009 Main Trip 2009 Trip to the Netherlands 2010 Bullrun 2010 Florida Trip 2010 Kai Visit 2010 Woodstock 2011 Netherlands Trip 2012 Austin Trip 2012 Road Trip CART-CT (Autocross) Cynthia goes Salt Lake City DHT Road Trip Hawaii Trip Mexico Trip Mustang Restauration Queens Day USA Road Trip

Dinner time! Music while cooking
Clean Emissions testing
67 has wimpy tires compared to 05 Time for winter tires
Birthday babe Yelly's maid of honor, bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid and flower girls (:
Adorable little cousins (: Cousin Yelena and her girls trying on dresses for May's big wedding <3
Merry Christmas! Lauren and her team in action at Quinnipiac University (:
Work holiday party Decoration in progress
Tree We found our Christmas tree
Last run Selfie
Lift Snowboarding
Snowboarding Snowboarding
Lauren in action Mohawk snowboarding time
Pedro rocking it Winter wonder land
We must have waffles Looks like he knows what he is doing
Tons of people Snowboarding with Pedro
Lauren Lauren school concert
First snow Dinner
Smells great Spinach tortilini
fresh peppers and tomatoes Picking dinner
Sample Looking deliciously
Prepping lunch A little 80s game show fun ( ;
Year in review November 2014
Snowboarding! Lauren Snow Boarding
And there we go Up we go
Snow! Ready to go
Here Headed to Mohawk
Eager beavers kicking off their first season with their own equipment. Mohawk bound. Delicious breakfast
Lunch at Ken's Corner At Ken's Corner
All cleaned up Game faces
Strumming Lauren. Risk
Game time - Monopoly and family DR trip highlights. Dessert
Amaya helps put out dessert (: Giving thanks
Geuzelig Table set and food served (:
Dinner time. Peter's scene
Cousins Marc sets up dominoes while Peter finishes up his craft.
Then Peter got in on the fun. Turkey family by Amaya, Deysha & me
Compadre Thanksgiving ready this morning (:
Today's menu (: Turkey's ready!
Isn't she a beauty.. This morning's bird prep.
Where the bird hung out overnight. This morning's flock of turkeys visit. Unfortunately I scared them away ):
Sweet potatoe casserole. Oh so yummy. My favorite dish in progress last night (:
Marc's food place cards Table is set (:
Learned from the best. Flowers are in order for every special occasion. Preparing for thanksgiving
Because #peaches Almost done
Winter tires Lauren is helping rev the engine
Smoothy king pre birthday party. 65 battery is dead
Leaf drop off (: Half time
New art from the Dominican Republic - Pierre Basketball practice
Peppers are doing well Goodbye beautiful Punta Cana.
Sleepy eyes = Time well spent. Yesterday at the airport. Airport Drive. Very tempted to reroute to Santo Domingo for quality time with the family.