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05 65 67 <3 adam aias air airport amaya amsterdam apple audi autocross bar basketball beach beer bike birthday black-white blue breakfast bridge building bunny cafe car central chopo christmas cila city cleaning coffee concert cooking cynthia Deja dessert dinner dog driving dutch F250 fall family fire first flowers food francisco gabriel garage girls grand green gwb halloween haven home hot hotel house jason jenn jersey kai kdny lauren lies limerock Liz Long lunch machiel marc marie matt melly mike mom mother movie museum mustang new niels number nyc orange park parking party paul pedro peter picture pizza plane pocono pool rain restaurant rick road room Saint Patrick Day san sandra school sidney sila silviu snow snowboarding Spring stang State steven street sunset swimming table time times today tom top-selection torti tour train tree trip truck up us weekend will work yale yard yaro year yelena york

Aias Cynthia Lauren Marc Niels Yaro

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

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2006 Trip to the Netherlands 2008 Spain Visit 2009 Christmas in NL 2009 Main Trip 2009 Trip to the Netherlands 2010 Bullrun 2010 Florida Trip 2010 Kai Visit 2010 Woodstock 2011 Netherlands Trip 2012 Austin Trip 2012 Road Trip 2016 Park City 2016 Road Trip CART-CT (Autocross) Cynthia goes Salt Lake City DHT Road Trip Hawaii Trip Mexico Trip Mustang Restauration Our House Queens Day USA Road Trip

Atticus Omw
67 Stang Stang
Breakfast in Caguas. Student #1
Hanging out in a parking lot again Final needed revisions. Close to 100 years of science in the room.
Karlita's place. Off to university of Puerto Rico Medical. Karla's thesis defense.
New York Eat my little friends
They have arrived Chopo
Bami Dinner making in progress
Lauren Work in progress
First pass done Snow
Snow day Plane to New York
Fresh air exit Good morning Dubai
Plane to Dubai Time to go home
Delicious food Lunch with a great team!
Good old traffic to finish the night Hospital
Yum Pretty tree
Cow Peepal tree
Here I got something for Lauren More fruits
Tons of grapes Monkey
Another park Coffee time
Government building Right
Notice the five rods on top Palace
Temple top More coconut
Palm trees Right, snakes
Dig chilling Park
Made out of flowers Flowers
Thing Trees
Temple Palm tree
Flowers Gardens
Naveen Gardens
Moped Moped
Good morning Sunday Good morning Sunday
Good morning Sunday Cows
Lunch Shopping street
British building Tree
Delicious I need one of those knives
Coconut Trunk
Hill Otro
Twisty roads Bridge
In the clouds View
That tall Stairs
View Cabana
Monkey To the mountains
Trees Cow transport
Cow transport Dressed up
Flowers Breakfast
Other side And so the adventure begins
Fun Fun
Dinner with Laxmikant Dinner with Laxmikant