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05 65 67 <3 adam aias airport apple audi autocross bar beach beer bike birthday black-white blue breakfast bridge building bunny cafe car Carl Massafras Auto Body and Repair central chandra chopo cila city cleaning coffee concert cooking cynthia Deja dessert dinner dog driving dutch F250 fall family fire first flowers food francisco gabriel garage girls grand green gwb halloween haven holland home hot hotel house jason jenn jersey kai kdny lauren Lebanon lies limerock lincoln Long lunch mac machiel marc melly mike mobile mom MoMA mother movie museum mustang new niels number nyc orange park parking party paul pedro peter picture pizza plane pocono pool rain ray restaurant rick road room Saint Patrick Day san sandra school sidney sila silviu snow stang starbucks State steph steven street sunset sushi swimming time times today tom top-selection torti tour train tree trip truck up us violin weekend will work yale yard yaro year yelena york

Aias Cynthia Lauren Marc Niels Yaro

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2006 Trip to the Netherlands 2007 Florida Trip 2007 Niels goes Texas 2008 Spain Visit 2009 Bullrun 2009 Christmas in NL 2009 Main Trip 2009 Trip to the Netherlands 2010 Bullrun 2010 Florida Trip 2010 Kai Visit 2010 Woodstock 2011 Netherlands Trip 2012 Austin Trip 2012 Road Trip CART-CT (Autocross) Cynthia goes Salt Lake City DHT Road Trip Hawaii Trip Mexico Trip Mustang Restauration Queens Day USA Road Trip

Just me and my church mom Cathy <3 On the street where we had brunch at Bella's, back in 1930.
Pink Sunday at church Talaksuru family - we walked passed here.
Talita and Lauren We'll see you soon <3
JFK Fall colors
Koffietijd Good morning
Special dinner (: Costumes
Halloween cake decorating contest. No gets ready to celebrate his first Halloween.
Bernadette joins in on thinking A 9/11 piece.
Precious stones at the Yale center for British art. Yum. Salmon eggs Benedict (:
Talita & Noah at Bella's, our favorite lunch spot (: Tour of New Haven
Queens bridge Love seeing these faces in my car!
Halloween party at school Six people fit in the 67
Sightseeing Yale library
Talita West Rock
Proost Lunch
Hanging out Lekker
Orange Whahahaha I beat Cynthia
Passport done Breakfast was good
Breakfast, notice the healthy cup of fruit Sunrise
UN building FDR flowing nicely
Time enough for a little walk Made it to the city in an hour and a half, two hours early...
Fall colors Ice cream
Art in the park Boys
Girls Hey little fellow
Museum Guggenheim
Lunch in the park Yum
Kebab Lunch
Water Central Park
Walking Church
They are here Line
On our way to church Marc met his match
Fall happiness (: Pumpkin fun (:
Pumpkin decorating at the office yesterday (: Geeking out a bit.
School day. Violin - check, 20lb back pack - check, volley ball knee pads around ankle for today's game - check #MiddleSchoolLife Fueling
Pit Good morning from Watkins Glenn
100 octane race gas at the track $11, 100 octane jet fuel $6.... Guess what we are doing Lake
Garage Mounting rain tires
Rainy day My instructor Shelby and her car Black Betty
Fun times Good morning
Dandy Nice fall colors
Loading up When shooting a Big Game piece players names must be unlikely and unknown... So...
So glad a beach towel was still in the trunk and that I have my Sunday school materials. Flying girls
Flying bunny Time to head back
Eating by the water Mariachi
Excellent empanadas Food trucks
Lunch at longwarf On the way home
I would fancy one of these Lady
Artsy stuff and people More artsy stuff
Just Good Good for environment
Nice wall art Sweet ride