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Aias Cynthia Lauren Marc Niels Yaro

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2006 Trip to the Netherlands 2007 Florida Trip 2007 Niels goes Texas 2008 Spain Visit 2009 Bullrun 2009 Christmas in NL 2009 Main Trip 2009 Trip to the Netherlands 2010 Bullrun 2010 Florida Trip 2010 Kai Visit 2010 Woodstock 2011 Netherlands Trip 2012 Austin Trip 2012 Road Trip 2013 Road Trip CART-CT (Autocross) Cynthia goes Salt Lake City DHT Road Trip Hawaii Trip Mexico Trip Mustang Restauration Queens Day USA Road Trip

Flowers Tomatoes are happening
12 Springs (: Fireworks
Yum Dinner at Braza
Our little nutmegger really liked her helium tank/Sperry's. Celebrating Lauren's 12th Birthday <3
Happy birthday Lauren Sweet Rhiannie <3
Kids worked on their fitness ( ; Happy hunters (:
No rock left unturned. Laur explains egg hunt map
Turtle power fan Sebastian finds this thanks to auntie Yadira ( ; Gabriel was pretty pleased with his performance (:
Juliana and Leah in search ( : Sisters hunt together (:
The big kids had some fun too while Marc snapped pics. Easter egg hunting
Happy Sebastian. One of our youngest hunters shows off his find thanks to his Auntie Yadira's help.
Beautiful start to Easter morning. Easter hunt prep on Saturday.
Laur was completely thrilled to saddle up at Texas Roadhouse ( ; Laur's first turning 12 birthday gift ( : Thanks Matt & Tanya! Fun times had despite planning faux pas ( ;
Garden kick off (: Lauren her happy place
It is nice out Matt
Back to work On the road
Gorgeous Spring day Off to first CartCT autoX of the season.
Everything is going to be fine Pitch mode
I don't like the look of this That will buff right out
Broken mirror Scratches
This jam is on me, you are welcome Little damage to the other car
Crappers Band
In a NYC bar Crepe
Breakfast Back in familiar territory. Almost sunset in NYC.
On walk back to hotel for check out. Cherry blossoms. Back to the hotel
I am being healthy Art museum
Capitol Flowers
Chocolate Botanical gardens
Bike ride Yoga drummers
Yoga Dutch people from stellingwerf Friesland
Egg and cheese on a waffle Fresh fruit
Waffles Must have waffles
White House Good morning walk
Kennedy Center Chorizo
Yum Restaurant
Hotel Looking for restaurants
Leuke Bmw electric test car
Road trip to DC. Stop 1. Hopefully better then the chrome plug
Celebrating Alyssa (: Adam driving the stang
And it's all gone. What a difference a couple of hours makes
I'd like to make one of these someday. Invention adventures yesterday - remote control car making
Happy Spring Coming down heavy
Turkey Yup snow
Special dinner guests knew me well (: Spring
Just like a pogo (: Last patch of snow and Spring clean up activity.
Bridge Dental visit /-;
65, the tickle beast The 65 is back in action
Voor Lieska. Gelukkig Lente! Brothers from the same era
Matt brought his passat Making dinner
Chopo experiment Adorable monogram cake <3