Welcome to Dutch Hopto, New Haven and SF's best semi Dutch Moblog!

Dutch Hopto is maintained by us, Marc, Niels and recently, Cynthia, Aias and Yaro, some Dutch & (almost half-) Dutch folks living in New Haven, Connecticut and San Francisco, CA - USA.

Marc and Niels started this blog to keep their folks back home updated. After being online for six months or so it became apparent that the site was quite entertaining to other people then just our family and friends back home. To celebrate that, we presented Dutch Hopto version 2, the more better edition! It was a big success until we got ourselves in trouble with a little company that did not like their employees used the comments under one of our posts to vent about their organisation. oops.

With that legal business behind us, we decided to rebuild Dutch Hopto and what you're looking at now can be considered Version 3. This version only offers shoddy cam phone pictures with less than understandable captions. There are plans for tons more, but no time.

In early 2008, Dutch Hopto posting privileges were extended to Cynthia, Aias and Yaro. Fun for us, more confusing for you : )

To help you figure out who we are and how to reach us, should you feel inclided to do so (try to keep the lawsuits down to an absolute minimum please) this about section offers some details on each of us. Go ahead, take a peek.

That's all for now, we hope you have a good time at our little corner of the web,

The Dutch Hopto Team.